Why study in Poland?

For students who come to study in Poland, this may be the beginning of a fascinating adventure of discovering Europe.

There are many reasons to study in Poland, here you can find some of them:

1. Tradition of academic education
Poland’s traditions of academic education go back to 1364 when the Cracow Academy was established, known today as the Jagiellonian University.

2. High quality of education
The Polish higher education system is well developed. The quality of the education provided is monitored and regularly evaluated. There are over 5,000 courses available in Poland.

3. Modernity
Poland holds fourth place in Europe (after the United Kingdom, Germany and France) in terms of the number of people enrolled in higher education. The Polish university level schools offer over 200 high quality types of study as an integral part of the European Higher Education Area. Most schools offer courses in foreign languages.

4. Bologna Process
Poland plays an active part in the Bologna Process. Owing to the introduction of three-stage education modeled on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies as well as the European Credit Transfer System, both Polish students and foreigners studying in Poland stay fully mobile and can continue their education elsewhere in the European Union without any problems.

5. Competitive costs of living and studying
Compared to other EU countries, the tuition fees in Poland are really competitive and the costs of living are a fraction of what a foreign student would have to spend in other European cities.