Career Path II

Themes and goals of the event

This year we faced a worldwide pandemic situation that changed approach to working, teaching and using online tools. Accordingly, the changes will come faster than we expected and probably will go in direction we do not know yet. 


Thus, main questions of the seminar are:

  •     What kind of skills we need for the future?
  •     Is it possible to predict them and support young people to enter the labour market?
  •     How to develop an online career path?
  •     Is it possible to shape a career in a situation that is unpredictable?
  •     How to use the experience of the mobility projects on the career path development now?
  •     How does mobility influence choosing the profession or changing the professional way? 

How we will work?

We will give participants a chance to cooperate and to discuss different approaches in creating career paths for both students in high educational institutions and students in vocational schools through:

  •     interactive sessions of sharing good practice, tools, methods (i.e. presentation of conducted research -VET) on career guide in Europe;
  •     workshops with experts,
  •     presentations of international studies,
  •     presentation of Erasmus+ possibilities in developing projects supporting career development through educational mobilities.

Programme of the event:

The event will start on 4th November 2020 and it will finish on 6th November 2020

4th November 5th November 6th November

Interactive workshops

Interactive workshops: best practices across Europe Interactive workshops with experts

Recommendations for the future

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Deadline to which NAs inform organizer about number of participants, they will send:   7/10/2020

Deadline to which organizer confirms number of places reserved: n/a

Deadline for sending details of participants to hosting NA: 15/10/2020

Types of participant’s data sending to the organizer:

  1. name; e-mail address; phone number;
  2. organisation; department and function,
  3. sector;


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