Archiwum międzynarodowych wydarzeń międzysektorowych

Permeability between different sectors as key factor for equity in Education, 22-24 October 2020, Greece (dla sektorów: SE, VET, AE i HE)

"Erasmus+ boosting employability and promoting cooperation with the world of work" ǀ 9-10.09.2019 ǀ Jūrmala, Latvia

"Building Partnerships for a Learner-Centred Approach" ǀ 2-4.10.2019 ǀ Bratislava, Slovakia

"Developing Youth Workers' Competences in Finland" ǀ 29.09-3.10.2019 ǀ Virrat and Ilmajoki, Finland

Enhancing Digital Competences in Education and Training - Tallinn, Estonia, 4-7 września 2019 roku (SEKTORY: SE, AE, VET, HE)

Centers of lifelong education established within universities as support for lifelong learning and social inclusion - Prague, Czech Republic, 18-20 września 2019 roku (SEKTORY: AE, HE)

Dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of KA2 projects results - Zakopane, 8-11 maja 2019 roku (SEKTORY: SE, VET, AE, HE)

Impact of Erasmus+ on internationalisation of HEI and VET institutions Promoting best practices in Impact & Dissemination - Portugalia, Lizbona, 22-24 maja 2019 roku (SEKTORY: VET, HE)

Communication and dissemination: on the (right) use of tools and media in Erasmus+ projects - Belgia, Bruksela, 6-7 maja 2019 roku